About me



Marieke knew ever since she was little, that she wanted to become a vet. In September of 2005, this dream came true and she graduated from Utrecht University as a veterinarian. After traveling and working in Australia of and on for nearly two years, she started in 2007 in a practice in Alphen aan den Rijn (Veterinary Clinic Rijnoever).

During her time there, she started to focus on feline medicine and internal medicine, by following many courses and attending many congresses and by starting her master program of the European School of Advanced Veterinary Studies (ESAVS).

Membership certificate of the ANZCVS

Membership certificate of the ANZCVS

In October 2014 Marieke started working at the Veterinary Referral Centre in Dordrecht. This clinic is large and well equipped and has a big case load with many interesting cases.
Around the same time, Marieke started the Australian Feline Medicine Distance Education course, a 10 month long, very intensive course. In 2016 she passed the Feline Membership exam, making her only the second Dutch vet to become a member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists. This title means that she has in-depth knowledge of feline medicine.




Graduation ceremony European Master ESAVS

Graduation ceremony European Master ESAVS

2016 was a good year for Marieke, because in November she also received her master’s degree.

Next to her job, Marieke is also a board member of the Dutch Working Group of Feline Medicine. This group organizes lectures for Dutch vets with an interest in Feline Medicine.

She also writes pieces for Vetvisuals International on a regular basis. Vetvisuals International is an online education platform for vets.

At the end of 2017, Marieke will start to teach cat behavioural therapists in training, through the Cat Behaviour Advisory Bureau. She is busy developing the curriculum at the moment.

Of course, Marieke has her own bunch of cats at home:

  • Pip is a red haired young lady of 3 years old. Marieke knows this little madam from her first breath, when she was born through a C-section in the practice in Alphen aan den Rijn. Pip knows she’s a princess and behaves accordingly.

    Our red cat Pip

    Princess Pip

  • Punky is good looking longhaired fellow of about 8 years old. He decided to come and live with Marieke one day and never left. He was neglected and very scared, but made a good recovery. He will come to ask for cuddles every night.

    Our black and white longhaired cat Punky

    Pretty Punky

  • Larkson Lyonesse Limpet, or Limpi for short, is a Blue Russian lady of 2 years old. She is the newest cat in the family. Her favourite pastime is meowing loudly and cuddles in the bed (preferably at the same time).

    Our Russian Blue Limpi

    Larksong Lyonesse Limpet, a.k.a. Limpi a.k.a Purple People Eater

To make sure she stays up to date, Marieke follows many courses and congresses:

  • 2010: PEGD Modular course problem orientated approach of the internal medicine patient
  • 2011: ESAVS Internal Medicine I
  • 2011: ESAVS Feline Medicine I
  • 2012: ESAVS Internal Medicine II
  • 2012: ESAVS Feline Medicine II
  • 2013: ESAVS Internal Medicine III
  • 2013: ESAVS Feline Medicine III
  • 2013: ESAVS Diagnostic Ultrasound I
  • 2014: Distance Education Feline Medicine course
  • 2014: ISFM congress
  • 2015 ISFM congress
  • 2016: ISFM congress

Furthermore, she is a member of the International Society of Feline Medicine.